A selection of some of my animation and vfx work done with diverse techniques and technologies, 2d, 3d, motion capture, After Effects and others.

Even god drives Mercedes pilot. Pilot of the animation series. Work done: direction, technology development

Commercials for the web based on animation for Ginger Diamonds. Work done: From concept and ideas to production, animation, sound, music, postproduction

Fundraisers public service campaign. Work done: animation

Public service campaign. Work done: animation, color grading

Natura stereoscopic 3d corporate video. Work done: 3d modelling, 3d animation, 3d lighting, rendering

Bago aqua. Work done: fluid simulation, 3d modelling and animation, compositing, rotoscopy, tracking

Ko hi noor commercial. Work done: animation, vfx, tracking, color grading, pack

The city. Experimental film based on The Vulture by Franz Kafka. Work done: concept, direction, photography, dop, camera, editing, vfx, compositing, animation, 3d modelling and animation, color grading, music