Martin Chab


Coming from a family of artists i have developed a passion for all that is related to art, science and technology. Being a very technically oriented and “nerdy” spirit i was always studying physics, electronics, optics, genetics, programming, music, sculpture, etc.

When i was young i use to go out to walk Buenos Aires (the mega city where i was raised, full of hidden corners) entering in every shop that caught my attention, asking questions or simply spending hours looking how other people worked in subjects that i wanted to learn, later trying to do it myself (or sometimes asking to stay to help). That way i learnt, worked or try diverse techniques and materials ranging from metals to plastics and woods, from leather to composites, optics, mechanics, hydraulics, electronics, etc.

From 1993 i started to design and build stringed musical instruments entirely made by hand. 

Many years working as a special effects artist for films, tv, commercials, live shows and with fine art artists did teach me to love and work with diverse techniques, technologies, media and materials. 

From when I was 11 I started to do photography and never stopped doing it, combining it with painting, in the beginning with inks and paints, later digitally. I developed several experimental techniques for film developing, digital retouching and built some experimental cameras capable of capturing the non visible light (UV and IR) in narrow bands. 


Ikea communications — 2019-2020


Ginger Diamonds Sweden AB — 2016-2019

VD, designer, visual artist

Reverso Individual Photographic Exhibition — 2016

Exhibition of 16 photographies made with experimental technique and digitally painted. Buenos Aires 72, Malmö

Collective Photographic Exhibition Popular Library San Rafael Mendoza — 2013

A collective exhibition of photographies from 6 artists at the Popular Library of San Rafael, Mendoza

Zitrin Film & Multimedia — 2004-2016

Owner of Zitrin Film & Multimedia, a cinema/video services.

At Zitrin we produced documentaries, animation, a feature film, some short forms, commercials and did services to other productions in the field of visual effects, color grading, direction of photography, camera, lectures, etc.

SVT — 2012

Lecturer. The art of tracking workshops

Kulturkraft Syd — 2011-2012

Workshops for professionals including: Camera and Video Technique, Visual Effects Intermediate and Advanced, Color Grading, How to shoot and Action Sequence with Stunts, etc. Supported by the European Social Fund.

Ciclope Productions — 2001-2002

Commercial and TV Films director

Own project — 1993-2002

As a side project i designed and build high end musical instruments entirely done by hand. A web page with instructionals, plans, data and techniques was awarded by the Guild of American Luthiers among 20 others.

Bureau Veritas Argentina — 1995-2000

Consulting in the field of quality and the measurements science (metrology)

Bureau Veritas Peru — 1995-2000

Auditing and consulting in the field of quality and the measurement science (metrology)

Madragoa Producoes — 1986-1994

Director of Photography and Special Effects. DOP and SFX for commercial films and documentaries

Vision Pdg and others — 1984-1989

Special Effects

Wild Orchid Feature Film – Zalmar King – Jaqueline Bisset – Mickey Rourke El Dueño del sol Feature Film – Rodolfo Mortola

Los Bañeros Mas Locos del Mundo Feature Film– Carlos Galetini – Argentina SonoFilms

Asado Para Tres Feature Film– Silvio Fishbein

Buen Viaje Ramon Feature Film – Oscar Barney Finn – Hector Alterio – Arturo Mali

Tacos Altos Feature Film – Sergio Renan

Atrapadas Feature Film – Anibal di Salvo – Leonor Benedetto – Gerardo Romano

Camila Feature Film – Maria Luisa Bemberg – Susu Pecoraro

The Warrior and the Sorceress Feature Film – John Broderick – David Carradine – New horizon picture corp

and others

Marta Minujin — 1985

Design and building of the Laberinto Minujinda at the museum Centro Cultural de Buenos Aires Recoleta. Restoration an rebuild of the Guggenheim awarded Minuphone.

Buenos Aires Planetarium — 1983

Developing of a masking technique to be used for the sky projections at the Buenos Aires Planetarium.

Nominations and awards

Hey Nun! Omovies International film Festival Honorary Mention, Italy

Even God Drives a Mercedes — Official selection Cartoon Forum  2010 Sopron Hungary

The city – Nominated for the Golden Knight 48th Malta International Film Festival

The city – 30th  Busadi (Pusan) International Film Festival Official Selection, South Korea

The city – Miracle faludi International Film Festival Official 2009, Hungary

The city – Jordan Short Film Festival 2009

The city – Tindirindis International Animation Film Festival 2009, Lithuania

The city – IASI International Film Festival 2009 , Rumania

The city – Euroshorts 2009 , Warsaw

The city – Octaedro International Film Festival 2009, Ecuador

The city – Independent days 10 filmfest, Karlsruhe, Germany

The city – 14th Kansas City Intl. Film Festival Official Selection, USA

The city – Cannes Independent Film Festival 2010 Official Selection, France

The city – WIZ-ART Festival Official Selection, Lviv, Ukraine

The city – Elected for the retrospective of Karlsruhe Film Festival

Dolly Daggers Never Ending – Best Foreign Music Video Moondance International Film Festival, Hollywood, USA

Dolly Daggers Never Ending – Audience Favorite Moondance International Film Festival, Hollywood, USA

Dolly Daggers Never Ending – ReelHeart International Film Festival 2007 Official Selection, Toronto, Canada

Dolly Daggers Never Ending – 4th Queens International Film Festival Official Selection, Queens, USA

Dolly Daggers Never Ending – 1st Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival Official Selection, Buffalo, USA

Dolly Daggers Never Ending – Montana Independent Film Festival Official Selection, Montana, USA

Storstad – Foursite Film Festival, Ogden , USA

Storstad – Very Short Movies Festival, Los Angeles, USA

Storstad – XXVII Uruguays Film Festival, Montevideo, Utruguay

Storstad – Fresno Film Festival, California USA

Storstad – Skånska Filmdagar, Malmö, Sweden

Storstad – 2009 Indie Spirit Film Festival, Colorado Springs, USA

Storstad – Hollywood East Film Festival, Danbury, USA

Storstad – Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium

Storstad – Rouen Short Film Festival, France

Storstad – Moonworks Film Festival, Hampshire, UK

Storstad -15th Twin RiversMedia Festival, Sheville, North Carolina, USA

Storstad – International Filmfest Emden, Nordeney, Germany

Storstad – Rodos International Film + Visual Arts Festival

Storstad – International Fil Festival Schaebisch Hall

Storstad – Formula Mundi Film Festival, Germany

Storstad – 15 Minutes Of Fame Film Festival, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Storstad – International Christian Film Festival 2009, Wales

Storstad – Central Florida Film Festival, Florida, USA

Storstad – COMMFFEST Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

Storstad – The Baltimore Women’s Film Festival, Baltimore, USA

Storstad – Artivist Film Festival, Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood, USA

Storstad – Festival International du Film Court Persona, France

Storstad – 20th Annual St John’s International Women’s Film Festival 2009, Canada

Storstad – ALCINE Festival de Cine de Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain

Storstad – Tehran 14th Short Film Festival

Storstad – 35th Festival International Filmets badalona, Barcelona, Spain

Storstad – Zinebi International Documentary and short Film Festival of Bilbao, Spain

Xchange – Awarded at 4th Cinepobre International Film Festival, Mexico

Xchange – Lake County International Film Festival Official Selection, USA

Xchange – Aarhus Festival of Independent Arts (AFIA) Official Selection, Denmark

Xchange – Nextgen TV Festival Semifinalist (NATPE), USA

Xchange – Gloria International Film Festival Salt lake City Official Selection, USA

Xchange – Artic Light International Film Festival Official Selection, Kiruna, Sweden

Xchange – Zemos98 International Film Festival Video a la carte Section, Spain

The Models Nightlife – Hell On Reels New York International Film Festival Official selection, New York, USA

The Models Nightlife – 4th Queens International Film Festival Official Selection, USA 


Fotoclub Buenos Aires — Photography, 1975-1976

Argentinean University of Cinema — Masters Workshops , 1984

Taller de Cine Contemporaneo, Paula A Sarmiento cinema school — Cinema director, 1983-1986

American Holography Association — Holography Technician, Holography, 1993

INMETRO — Metrology, 1991-1995

Bureau Veritas — Applied Metrology, 1995

Chrisler/Ford/Opel — QS9000 Auditor, Quality, 1996, Certificate: 96 0348 BNA BV

Bureau Veritas — QS9000 Internal Auditors Training, ISO 14000, Hazop / Hazardous Operations, 1996

Fluke — Metrology, 1998

BVQI — Lead Auditor of Quality Systems, Quality, 1996

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague — Distributed postproduction techniques in the field of visual and special effects, 2009


Film Direction


Visual and Special Effects

Image and Video Technology

Multi-technique/technology and Multimedia Artist

After Effects • Photoshop • Premiere • Compositing • DaVinci Resolve • Blackmagic Fusion • Nuke • Syntheyes • Final Cut • Cinema 4D • 3D Studio Max • Motion Builder • Real Flow • Mocha Pro • Boujou 3d • Visual and Special Effects, Sculpture, Fine woodworking, Digital and Analog Electronics, Optics, etc


Vitemöllegatan 4b 214 42 Malmö – 0768398578 – info @ zitrin . se (LinkedIn)



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