Fiction and documentaries

A selection of fiction and documentary films where i worked.

Hey Nun! Feature film. Director, script, dop, vfx, editing, color

Incidental feature film scenes. Director: Rouzbeh Noori. Work done: editing, visual effects, animation, color grading

Buenos Aires 2×3 documentary. Concept, research, production, dop, camera, editing, sound

Triler of the documentary The Purple Land episode 2. DOP, Sound design, color grading.

Headchopper pilot. Work done: vfx, color grading

Meanings short film. Film made to review the preproduction model of the Sony F65. Work done: dop, dit, 2d and 3d tracking, time lapse, Lut development, color grading

The city short film. Experimental film based on The Vulture by Franz Kafka. Work done: concept, direction, photography, dop, camera, editing, vfx, compositing, animation, 3d modelling and animation, color grading, music

Storstad short film. Work done: dop, camera, animation, vfx, color grading

Kafkas Head pilot sample. Work done: dop, camera, vfx

Film made during Martin Chab and Anders Banke workshop. Film made during the 3 days Kulturktaft Syd workshop Action and Stunts lectured by Anders Banke and Martin Chab

Circular short film. Work done: vfx

Documentary film The Importance of Hair. Color grading.

Documentary 55 Dreams North. Animation, DOP, Color Grading

Documentary 55 Dreams North Episode 2. Animation, DOP, Color grading